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Services - Critical Care Services

Critical Care Services


Critical care service is provided to patients who are the risk of immediate life threatening conditions in which vital organs are involved. Goal is to maintain the vital organ system functioning and improve the patient’s condition using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology.


Critical care units are specially staffed, equipped and designed to closely monitor and treat patients with life-threatening conditions. Patients may need specialist treatment because one or more of their body systems, such as their heart, lung or kidneys, are not working properly. Critical Care monitoring includes hemodynamic, cardiac, pulse oximetry, and ventilator support.


SHA provides 24/7 critical and intensive care and bedside service at our partner hospitals for patients who are critically ill or in high dependency cases post a major surgery, high risk patients, patients will multi-organ failure and acutely ill patients. Service includes the provision of medical assessment and diagnosis, respiratory and cardiovascular support and infection control. The team has medical knowledge and technical expertise to deal with many emergency and trauma situations. They provide airway management, cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation, advanced life support and pain control.